First, a Quick Update from CR Regions,

Clarence here from CR Regions. Before I get into Benchmark Protocol, a short overdue introduction to what’s happening on our side.

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit under the weather as of late, but If no one has noticed, an initiative which we started — to improve the Elastos Smart Contract…

Welcome to the first part of a new series where we will report on the final result of CR Proposals submitted to the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) Process.

ChainLink Integration with VulcanLink Oracles

Our first fully completed CR Proposal is “Chainlink x ELASTOS — High-TPS Decentralized Oracles (Price Feeds, API Data, Real World Data)” —…

Welcome to a new dynamic for the Elastos ecosystem, in 2 short years we are now at the precipice of Cyber Republic preparing to take over all public facing responsibilities except for development.

Cyber Republic now faces its biggest challenge, it and by “it” I mean “we” as a community…

CR Regions

We are a community run organization supporting the global teams and projects that are building on Elastos —

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