CR Regions and Why the Travala Suggestion Needs Legal Fees

Elastos Teams Have Been Operating Independently

Even I Am Technically No Longer VP of Development for Elastos

The Project Teams Must Sign Agreements Moving Forward - EF No Longer Signs Agreements

The Future of EF is Still Undecided

The Challenges Ahead

  1. Elastos Foundation won’t sign anything, so CR Regions Ltd. or some other entity must be established to sign. But other entities cannot be liable for any issues with the Elastos platform.
  2. Each team needs to retain their own legal counsel to review partnership or collaboration agreements to ensure that they themselves are not liable in case something happens with the Elastos infrastructure.
  3. Entities like CR Regions Ltd. need to clarify that the funds originate from Cyber Republic. The external entities we work with must accept the risk that CR — the source of funds — is not a legal entity.
  4. Some external entities require agreements to be made with the entity that created the token or that is responsible for the infrastructure. Fortunately in the case of Travala this was resolved, but I still need lawyers to make sure I’m not on the hook should anything go wrong.

One Idea: Should Cyber Republic Incorporate?

FATF Travel Rule Woes

What’s Next?



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