CR Regions & Elastos (2.0?)

Elastos is Due for a Refresh

Elastos Was Never About UX, This Needs To Change

Elastos is Just Really Hard to Explain!

We Need to Stop Calling It The Elastos Ethereum Sidechain

  1. Is it connected to the real Ethereum network?
  2. Is it a sidechain of Ethereum?
  3. What’s different between it and Ethereum?

What Does CR Regions Propose?

What New Users Need To Know:

  • Elastos is multi-chain, but you only need to know two:
    1. The Elastos mainchain — and it’s secure, like 50%+ of BTC hashrate secure
    2. The Elastos smart contract chain
  • You can get ELA on exchanges and send it to your “mainchain” or primary address.
  • Elastos has an “official” app built for security called elastOS that allows you to swap ELA between the two chains.
  • Elastos has a decentralized identity system called DIDs. elastOS can create these for you. Identity management needs to be painless.

What New Users “Don’t” Need to Know — right away:

  • Elastos Hive — it’s an amazing tool for developers, but it’s still middleware that dApps and developers use for storage. Even if you buy an ElaBox it’ll run Hive out-of-the-box, your dApps or capsules will connect to it.
  • How the DID Sidechain Works — it’s a merge mined sidechain, but it’s pretty slow. Tuum built DID Assist, it may be semi-centralized but that’s how it has to be, otherwise the UX is horrendous.
    Can you imagine any sane regular user going through the steps to transfer ELA to the DID Sidechain just to publish a DID? I wrote this tutorial for CR Regions: But it just showcases how poor the UX is, I literally had potential projects just give up, they felt the effort wasn’t worth it.
    Perhaps those projects lacked the determination, but Tron, Algorand and Solana are giving away way more money and with them you can pitch your idea to a single team, not go through a convoluted multi-week process.
  • All the DID stuff — really, we’ve tried this before, some people just don’t care about their personal data. No one is going to manage their own data, except for the few outliers. dApps and AI needs to take that responsibility and make it easy, and monetizable.
    No regular user should have to transfer ELA to the DID sidechain period. But developers would use it to build powerful dApps with Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and enterprise solutions.

Their First Experience Should Look Like This:

Two possible options for how to convey the multi address/token architecture.

The Future Ahead with ElaMask

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