CRC Proposal Series: DecentralHacks — India Hackathon

DecentralHacks — Hackathon (India/Virtual)

The Hackathon Plan

  • Ideation phase: 21st-23rd August
    Candidates would meet in Discord, form teams and discuss any ideas with members of Elastos, as well as ask questions.
  • Development phase: 24th-27th August
    Teams would be expected to start new public repos and develop their ideas at this time.

The Road to Metamorphosis — A Virtual Summit

Hackathon Results Summary

Ideation Phase


  • Not complete project and/or not deployed on Elastos TestNet
  • Copied an existing project or repo, no meaningful additions
  • Project was previously submitted to another Hackathon (ETHIndia)


Lessons Learned and What’s Next

Ethereum has all the really motivated developers

Pivoting to Blockchain Developer Training



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