CRC Proposal Series: DecentralHacks — India Hackathon

Welcome to the “2nd CR Proposal Final Report” by CR Regions — for this proposal we were an advisory and support role helping with mentoring and preparing documentation for the hackathon participants.

DecentralHacks — Hackathon (India/Virtual)

This CR Proposal is by Octaloop — — a new India based marketing agency working to jumpstart decentralized development in India.

See the proposal at:

The Hackathon Plan

The hackathon was joined by Elastos, Matic, CoinGecko and Harmony projects to co-sponsor the event. Each project had their own awards but they were kept standard throughout to keep it fair.

The website used was

The called for an:

  • Ideation phase: 21st-23rd August
    Candidates would meet in Discord, form teams and discuss any ideas with members of Elastos, as well as ask questions.

Followed by the development phase:

  • Development phase: 24th-27th August
    Teams would be expected to start new public repos and develop their ideas at this time.

The Road to Metamorphosis — A Virtual Summit

The DecentralHacks project is also a part of a Virtual Summit called The Road to Metamorphosis, which was a series of talks on Airmeet with over a dozen speakers —

Hackathon Results Summary

Over 500 teams did sign up but unfortunately only 13 actually finished and submitted projects. Upon following up with the teams we learned that most had joined out of curiosity but did not have any blockchain dApp development experience.

Ideation Phase

During this phase Octaloop setup a managed Discord server where each project had mentors on hand, here engagement showed a lot lacking, only two teams reached out on their ideas. Originally we had wanted to have an idea sharing session with the Elastos community, but given the lack of engagement this was shelved.

Each project also had a mentoring session, on Aug 25th where about a dozen people showed up as Clarence gave an introduction to development on Elastos.


Unfortunately of the 13 submissions, only 2 were not disqualified, reasons for disqualification were always the following:

  • Not complete project and/or not deployed on Elastos TestNet
  • Copied an existing project or repo, no meaningful additions
  • Project was previously submitted to another Hackathon (ETHIndia)

Therefore most of the prizes will not be awarded.


The only winner of the Elastos prizes is the DSoc project for the Healthcare Track — we are awarding $400 USD in ELA, up from $300 because the group prize was unanimously agreed to be removed because each project wanted to only award their own projects.

This project is aimed to innovate in the healthcare sector by the use of Blockchain.

During this pandemic, we were up against many problems, one of them was the absence of accurate information about the cases. This information is crucial in times of epidemics or pandemics, as information about the cases and the people who have it is important to the people, organizations or countries, so that they could take steps to keep themselves safe.

Right now, the number of cases are been provided by the gov’t, or some central authority, who can easily withhold, change the information for their benefit. Some countries may not disclose the numbers, some gov’t might fudge the numbers to scare us or win elections. Basically, the information is not stable and not available directly to us.

Our project aims to solve this problem by providing a decentralized platform to use to track and record cases in such pandemic/epidemic situations. Our product isnt like other record keeping blockchain as, it’s function specific, simple, i.e no need to record extra info other than, patient, id, status, this removes the problems with permissions to store medical history and all those complicated information. With our dApp, a properly authorized healthcare institute can add record, or update them, the public can view them and access them.

Our main features being, simplicity, secure, accessibility

Our vision in safety through honesty, and simple effective method to let the public have the information they deserve, in the spirit of Blockchain.

We have implemented the dapp with ethereum solidity, truffle, smart contracts and deployed on ELATHSC [Elastos platform].

If we win this hackathon, and have the opportunity to work with the elastos team, we plan on making our dApp more robust, and starting campaigns to start using it in hospitals, we plan to expand it, and make changes in areas in the healthcare centre where information is not so secure and trustworthy.

Contract Deployed at:

Lessons Learned and What’s Next

After this 2nd virtual hackathon we conducted — the first being the Gitcoin hackathon — the common problem is that most developers do not have any blockchain experience and are very new to the space.

This is fairly understandable because blockchain development is an advanced specialization of software development and there still exists few incentives to expend the effort to be proficient in it.

Ethereum has all the really motivated developers

One generalization that seems to hold true is that the Ethereum community has nearly all the freelance experienced blockchain developers. Usually a blockchain developer will start learning on Ethereum before branching out to other blockchains.

Other blockchains such as Tron, EOS, Algorand, Binance Chain, all mostly have paid development firms building dApps. Tron is the exception here with a strong community of gambling dApp developers.

Pivoting to Blockchain Developer Training

Pragmatically for a developer, honing their skills in the traditional areas of software development is a better way to achieve financial success. So I believe the path forward is to try to get developers interested in blockchain, after all if they are just here for the money and don’t believe in the cause I doubt any of the CR members would be willing to support them either.

Fortunately with the 546 teams we have from this event, Octaloop has agreed to reach out and offer a blockchain training course. Hopefully if we can get around two dozen interested developers it may make it worthwhile to conduct Elastos centered blockchain courses and convey the vision of Elastos to own your own data, and the value of privacy, then inspire them to build something on Elastos.




We are a community run organization supporting the global teams and projects that are building on Elastos —

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CR Regions

We are a community run organization supporting the global teams and projects that are building on Elastos —

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