CRC Proposal Series: Elastos Chainlink Oracles

ChainLink Integration with VulcanLink Oracles

The Backstory

Starting the CR Suggestion

The primary goals were:

  1. Deploy the Chainlink Smart Contracts on the Elastos ETH Sidechain TestNet.
    This was completed and the oracle contracts are listed here:
  2. Run a VulcanLink data oracle for the ELA/USD price feed, and find 2 other oracle providers to ensure we meet the minimum requirement of 3 oracles.
    VulcanLink has been sourced through its contacts Secure Data Links and DaVinci Nodes which have joined to provide the oracle data.
  3. Host a Web UI at to show the current price feed.
    This feed is now working and has a 5 minute refresh, also the data is available free of charge to developers for the initial interim period.

CR Regions Contributed By Creating Documentation and Guides

  • now has a new section on “Browser dApps” to guide developers looking to learn how to build the standard web-based dApps that most people are used to.

Budget and Expenditures

How to Reference the ELA/USD Value In Your Smart Contract

Add the Aggregator contract and the “function signature” to your smart contract

await elaToUsdInstance.initialize('0xA64267e44af675498310620418c8F08A9dAeB1eb')



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